ME 15 Fa09 (2) Monthly Update

ME 15 Fa09 (2) Monthly Update - them I wouldn’t have...

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ME 15 Dr. Barez Monthly Report 2: October I got my schedule sorted out after 6 weeks of hanging out around the MAE department. The economy is taking people in their lives and giving it a shake test. I am fortunate that I was able to enroll in a full time. The class section limitations have helped no one. The cut in 10% tuition doesn’t motivate teachers to lead larger classes. Our faculty deserves a round of applause when it comes to their passion to help students. Professors have so far been accommodating with office hours for the reduction in lecture days. Class ME15, wasn’t as effected by this because it meets only on Fridays. The class had a lecture that devoted to presentation of clubs and it was good to hear from
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Unformatted text preview: them. I wouldn’t have known they existed without this class. The AFE provides a lot of free things such as dinner and tours. Tours are awesome in ways that a student can see where they are heading to in their future. It shows the work environment. SJSU state has a lot of connections through there alumni. This is one thing schools UCs lack in giving to students. In a better economy newly graduates can go out and get a job but that is not the nature for the next few years. Clubs give students to network with professionals and that help get employers interest in the future engineers from SJSU....
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