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Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography - Annotated Bibliography Davidson...

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Annotated Bibliography Davidson, A. "Beyond Benefits." The Advocate 1 Oct. 2009: Alt-Press Watch (APW), ProQuest. Web. 18 Oct. 2009. This article delves deeper into the discrimination of homosexuals in the workforce with a focus on the inequalities between the healthcare benefits of the straight and the homosexual. Devor, Aaron H. “Becoming a Member of Society: Learning the Social Meanings of Gender.” Rereading America: Cultural Contexts for Critical Thinking and Writing. Ed. Gary Colombo, Robert Cullen, and Bonnie Lisle. 7 th ed. Bedford/St. Martins’s, 2007. 383-392. Print. Traditional gender roles, and the punishments for those who go against them are discussed quite well by Devor, who gives many examples of how traditional gender roles are taught to us. Duralde, Alonso "The Sissy Awards." Advocate 1022 (2009): 76-77. Academic Search Premier . EBSCO. Web. 18 Oct. 2009. This focuses on anti-gay vibes given off in the media. Duralde calls out many public figures, including all the big players from the 2008 presidential election, and gives examples of how their homophobic sentiments are spreading hatred.
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