Practice Exam 2 Sp09

Practice Exam 2 Sp09 - Managerial Accounting Practice Exam...

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Managerial Accounting Practice Exam 2 Chapters 4,516 l. Which costs u'ill change with an increase in activity within the relevant range? A. Unit fixed cost and total fixed cost B. Unit variable cost and total variable cost @Unit fixed cost and total variable cost D. Unit fixed cost and unit variable cost Production volume 4,000 units 5,000 units Direct materials $291.200 $364.000 Direot labor. .......... $219,600 $274,500 Manufaoturing overhead $320,400 $-343.000 B. $1,191.000 c. $1,179,090 D. $1,202,910 2. With respect to a fixed cost, an increase in the activity level 'within the relevant range results in: A. an increase in fixed cost per unit. B. a proportionate increase in total fixed costs. C. an unchanged fixed cost per unit. @ a decreurJin fixed cost per unit. 3. In the standard cost formula Y : a * bX, what does the "Y" represent? @ total cost B. total fixed cost C. total variable cost D. variable cost per unit 4. The least-squares regression method: @ ttt a regr.ssion line by minimizing the sum of the squared errors from the regression line. B. is generally less accurate than the scattergraph method. C. can be used only if the hxed cost element is larger than the variable cost element. D. is ilie oirly nic'riroci accepiabis Liirdcr gerrvtaiiy auuepivli aueuurriitrg prirrcipics. 5. Edde Corporation has provided the follorving production and total cost data for two levels of monthly production volume. The company produces a single product. pNr\ 'Zq i 2c;r- ; 3,5't-e>t-lt:r'j c''r t t"l:l.Y The best estimate of the total variable manufacturing cost per unit is: A. s127.70 B. $150.30 c. $22.60 D. $72.80 \, -- 't F: C- -4i\ 3L',ti ,=,(L?-,krt)) c-'tt:t*\) i Fc' :, ci L,g H[nrr\ V MDtt ? '4",4%
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Practice Exam 2 Sp09 - Managerial Accounting Practice Exam...

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