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STUDENTS AS CHANGE AGENTS IN INTERRACIAL RELATIONSHIPS Note: This activity was developed to be used in conjunction with Chapter 13 of the book How real is race? , by Mukhopadhyay, Henze, & Moses (2007, Rowman and Littlefield Education). It should be done after Activity Plan 1 in Chapter 13. The activity was developed by Rosemary Henze. If you use this activity and have suggestions for how to improve it, please contact me at [email protected] Student Learning Objectives: Students will be able to Articulate their beliefs and attitudes about interracial relationships. Identify one comment, media image, or religious doctrine about interracial relationships that they would like to change, and explain why. Develop a strategy for changing the above comment, media image, or religious doctrine. Approach: values clarification, student centered. Appropriate for: High school and older. Students should have already done Activity 1 in Chapter 13 (in How Real is Race? ). That activity helps students understand (1) that the concept of interracial marriage is really a misnomer because we are all “mixed”. Biologically speaking, there are no separate races and there is no such thing as a “pure” racial or ethnic group; the concept of interracial relationships is a social construction; and (2) that their own attitudes about who is an appropriate mate are socially constructed (i.e., shaped by parents, religious institutions, teachers, media, peers, laws, etc). Time requirements
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Change_agents_in_interracial_relationships - STUDENTS AS...

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