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POSTER - Anth 175 Peoples and Cultures of the Pacific Rim...

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Anth 175 Peoples and Cultures of the Pacific Rim Creating Poster Displays [from the Anth 175 class syllabus and the Centre for Teaching and Learning Information Sheet, which in turn used Source: Heinich, Molenda & Russell. (1993) Instructional Media. New York: Macmillian Publishing. p 85. Contact and Consequences Exhibition: Each student will construct an exhibit poster (on tripartite poster board) on various aspects of the contact experience of an indigenous people of North America Topics will be selected to be complementary and not redundant. Class time will be given to share strategies and resources. (worth 100 points) A written guide, 1-3 pages, will accompany the exhibit explaining the context. References, including relevant URLs, will be an attached appendix. (worth 50 points). Students will be ready to answer any questions about the poster during the class wide exhibition (20 points). Topics will be grouped into teams that shall have a collective Powerpoint or YouTube clip to be displayed on a laptop near the posters (20 points). 1. Contents and structure of your poster Your poster is designed to explore the theme of contact among indigenous peoples of the Pacific Rim. It must highlight the contact players , an event that typifies contact issues and a hint at the aftermath of contact. After deciding on the purpose decide what your poster is about. Take a blank piece of paper and write the topic in the middle. Take five minutes to list 3 the sub-topics.. For each of these topics, list 3 more supporting sub-topics. Just write whatever comes into your head about this topic. Once you have a "content map" of your poster you can determine the relative importance of each of the points.
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