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IPS project 2 - Investment Policy Statement ID 004385590...

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Investment Policy Statement ID # 004385590 Dec 7, 2009 Prof. Jones BUS 172B M/W 1200-1315 Dear David, Given your position in the financial field, you know that my success has come at a price. For a little more than ten years ago I have started working for TP Financial and have worked very hard to gain the success I have. My job is tough and I have lost many hours of sleep and have become stressed out. Because of this I want to take a year off from the field. I am going to travel and enjoy myself, but then after I will come back smarter than ever ready to pick up where I left off. All I need is a fresh start.
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For this year, I want absolutely nothing to do with managing portfolios. Because this was going to be a huge decision, I have taken a lot of heart and time into this decision. David, with the great skills you have showed me, I am extremely confident you can carry out the tasks while I am gone. To make sure that I can feel a hundred percent comfortable with this decision, I will ask you to follow the outline of the Investment Policy Statement I have attached. It will include distributions I feel are most efficient for the portfolio. I ask that you do not, and I say do not falter away from the ideal distributions I have proposed. Although I do not wish you to change the distribution for my account, I will allow this, it is only acceptable to change stocks with different stocks if you feel it is an appropriate choice. This goes for any other investment as well. If you feel there are better investments than the ones I currently have feel free to make any necessary shifts, if and only if it suffices.
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