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Grading Rubric for Hunger Organization Group Presentation Name of Group Members: __________________________________________________ Name of Organization: _____________________________________________________ WHAT TO INCLUDE POSSIBLE POINTS YOUR POINTS 1. Name of organization AND website address 1 2. What is their mission/goal? 1 3. Does the organization focus on short-term relief or long-term sustainable poverty/hunger reduction or BOTH ? Explain. 2 4. How are they funded? 2 5. Briefly tell the organizations history. Where are their current headquarters? 2 6. How do they determine if they are reaching their goals? What are their indicators of success?* 3 7. Does the organization promote the equality and
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Unformatted text preview: empowerment of women? If so, how? If not, why do you think they dont? 2 8. Does the organization address the HIV/AIDS epidemic (directly or indirectly)? 2 9. Describe one successful program that is helping alleviate hunger or poverty. Why is it successful? 6 10. Is the organization addressing the Millennium Development Goals? Briefly, which one(s)? (Does not pertain to domestic programs) 2 11. Within time limit (5-8 minutes) 2 YOUR TOTAL POINTS 25 *Some independent organizations that rate non-profit organizations:
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