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Essay_3_English_1B - English 1B sec 4 Professor Dowdy Essay...

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English 1B, sec. 4 Professor Dowdy Essay Assignment 3 Length: 4-6 pages (MLA or APA format) Due dates: First Draft: Thursday, July 16 (Bring 3-4 copies of your essay to distribute to your group members and myself.) Peer Review: Tuesday, July 23 Revised Draft: Thursday, July 25 Your third essay will focus on television. By now, you have gained some experience at critiquing various aspects of culture, whether it be the function of social identity, geographic and architectural space, religious and secular rituals, or style. For Essay 3, you will provide a cultural reading of a television program of your choosing. Here are your directions: 1. Choose a television show that you would like to analyze. There are no restrictions here: as
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