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Unformatted text preview: ChAD 106 Child Labor Discussion Bachman (2000): The political economy of child labor and its impacts on international business 1. Where do a "vast majority" of child laborers work? 2. International firms are considered to support child labor not only if they hire children, but also if they do what? 3. Besides passing laws, what were 3 reasons that child labor rates declined in developed countries by the end of World War II? 4. Why are some children called "'hidden' workers?" 5. What are 2 examples of common industries for child laborers? Why are these types of industries so common? 6. Some companies have discovered child labor components in production that they claim to have been unaware of. What are some of these companies? 7. What were some of the companies found to have child-made products during a U.S. investigation in 1997? How much did these companies save in wages by hiring under-age workers? 8. According to the article, what is child labor? 9. What are considered to be the "worst" forms of labor? 10. What are the child labor regulations according to the U.S. Fair Labor Standards Act? 11. What were the effects in Bangladesh when a U.S. senator proposed banning the import of all child-made goods? 12. What would be 3 consequences if a country could effectively outlaw child labor? 13. Name one business that took a direct approach to the problem of child labor. What did they do? What is a problem with this solution? 14. Name at least 5 examples of labeling programs designed to inform consumers of how products were manufactured. What is a problem with the labeling system? ...
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