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15B dinnerstein Analytical Paper assignment_MW

15B dinnerstein Analytical Paper assignment_MW - Did they...

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Analytical History Paper Hist 15B – Spring 2010 Assignment (100 points) Instructor: Iris M. Jerke You are required to write a history paper approximately 4-6 pages in length using evidence/support from the assigned reading Natives and Strangers: A Multicultural History of Americans for this course and family history. LATE PAPERS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED . The history paper assignment is comprehensive, covering the book and appropriate lectures for the semester. It is NOT a research paper; this assignment does NOT require any additional reading or research. Actually you receive a failing grade if you use any sources outside lectures or course readings. Please discuss the experience of one of your early ancestors who immigrated to the United States. How were they similar or different then discussed in Dinnerstein’s book Natives and Strangers Discuss where they came from and how, where was their port of entry, their treatment in the US, how did the make a living, find housing or friends.
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Unformatted text preview: Did they join ethnic communities, kept their traditions, languages, brought more family members over. In which group did they marry into, how did they raise their children. Where they brought up in the “old” ways? If you have problems finding enough material about your ancestor book in Natives and Strangers, please contact me and I will direct you to another source. Please note: NO STUDENT WILL PASS THIS CLASS WHO DOES NOT TURN IN THIS ASSIGNMENT. Students should also note that PLAGIARISM will be detected, especially if you are tempted to download essays from the web, or if you copy from other authors ideas, be aware that I am very internet literate. Plagiarism would result in a non-passing grade for this assignment. Format: double-spaced with 1” margins, using 12er font. This analytical paper is due on May 12, 2010. No late paper will be accepted. Please turn in your paper securely stapled, excluding plastic or other covers ....
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