Strong-Last Words of the Buddha

Strong-Last Words of the Buddha - Paying HomAge to the...

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Unformatted text preview: Paying HomAge to the Buddh¡'s Body ' ) his belt, his subject of study, his topic of inquiry, his explanations, and 37 his practice of yoga .¡¢¢ Te LifE NOw At thAt time, the Venerable Upam£na Was standing in front of the Stor of "Furthermore, monks, there are four places on earth that laymen and BLeSSed ¤ne, fanning him. ¥nd the ¦lessed ¤ne said to him: §Monk! the BuddHa layWo¨en endoWed With faith should recall all their lives© ªhich four? and I¡ D«¬'t stAnd in front of me!­ The places Where, [as pilgrims], they Will say® ¯Here the ¦lessed ¤ne Was Ram¢f¢cations °¬± the Venerable ²nanda said® "1 have served the ¦lessed ¤ne for O³ER t´enty years, but 1 have never heard him use such harsh language as µe J¶st did With ·e Venera¸le Upam£na¹ ªhat is the reason for tºis?" °n± the ¦lessed ¤ne explained» "¼ight noW, myriads of deities are ½¾¿OKing doWn from the sky and, upset, they are grumblingÀ ÁThe appear- ÂÃÄe Of fuLly enlightened ¦uddhas in the World is as rare An event as the ÅÆOÇSoming of the uduQÈbara tree, and today this ¦uddha is going to en- ÉeR PARinirv£Êa in the middle Watch of the night, but this prominent ËO¬k is standing In front of himÌ so that We have to try to look around him. ¦ecause of him, We are unable to see the ¦lessed ¤ne, or to approach <¬± pAy homage to him¢Í That is Why Î asked the Venerable Upam£na to ÏÐ0\Ñ e . Ò ¡ Ó /1 Ôµen the Venerable ²nanda said to the ¦lessed ¤ne: §Õord, hoW ÖµO×L± We pay homage to the ¦Øessed ¤neÙs body after his parinirv£Úa?" ÛnAnda, do not WoÜy yourself about the homage to the body of the...
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