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Name:________________________ Section:________________________ Topic:________________________ Research/ Position Paper: 100 Points (staple this page to the top of your paper) Description of report : The report should be a 4-5-page (double-spaced) synthesis paper on an issue related to any topic relevant to the science of hunger. The paper needs to present an issue and arrive at a definite conclusion or interpretation supported by research data from the literature (including at least 4 original research articles). Follow the criteria outlined by the grading rubric below. I. Articles, at least 4 original research articles: 20 points maximum (10 each article) Original research: 10.0 points Good quality secondary source: 7.0 points Poor quality secondary source: 4.0 points II. Quality of writing (grammar spelling, topic organization): 15 points III. Reference format: 10 points (see formatting instructions at the end of this paper) Proper citation format in paper: 5 points Proper reference page: 5 points IV. Content/Analysis: 55 points Introduction: 7.5 points Give necessary background. Why is this topic important? Optional: why did you pick this topic?
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