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classroom observation project

classroom observation project - Sociology 105 Qualitative...

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Sociology 105: Qualitative Research Methods Section 3, Spring 2010 Classroom Observation Project Observation or, “looking in a focused way”, is an important component of qualitative research. This project is designed to help you develop your observational skills through doing “field research”- making observations and taking field notes in two classroom settings at San Jose State University. I expect you to make one-hour observations in at least TWO different classes at SJSU. You should use classes you are NOT enrolled in and you should get the permission of the instructor. You might consider focusing your observations on one aspect of classroom culture (the relationship between the instructor and the students, the actions of students in the classroom, the way learning occurs, etc.) However, you do not necessarily need to focus your observations in this way; you may also just make observations on whatever you end up thinking is interesting or significant at the time of your observations. Here are some questions that may help guide your observations: The Physical Environment: - What does the classroom look/feel like? What size is it? - How is the classroom laid out? Where are the chairs, desks, windows, doors, etc? - What types of equipment are used or not used? Chalk/dry erase board? Overhead projector? Computer? TV/ - How light/dark is the room? How clean? What is the temperature? The People: Students: - How do they inhabit the space? Where do they sit? - Do students come to class early? Do they arrive late? Leave early? - What are the students doing during class? How do they act? Do they seem bored, angry, interested, preoccupied, frustrated, unsure, confused, excited? How can you tell? - Do students talk? Do they ask questions? What do they say? - Do they interact or engage with each other? Instructor: - How does the instructor inhabit the space? Where does he or she sit or stand? Does she or he move around? 1
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- What does the instructor do? How does he or she act? Does she or he seem bored, interested, angry, excited, nervous, frazzled, etc? How can you tell?
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classroom observation project - Sociology 105 Qualitative...

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