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5._________ & _________ are the two important factors to related to temperature that need to be considered for strain gages 6. Temperature-dependent resistance is the sensing principle used in ________ 7. Pyrometer is a contact type temperature measuring device : False PAGE 441 8. __________ measure pressure based on the pressure differences in liquid columns 9. __________ measure how the resistance of a filament changes with temperature in a wheatstone bridge circuit
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Convert -121 to 2’s complement of 8-bit binary number (10points) 2. A type E thermocouple is placed in an oven and connected to a computer DAQ system. The Junction box temperature is independently measured to be 30degC. The thermo couple voltage is found to be 37.0mV. What is the temperature of the oven? (15 points) PAGE 277 3. Explain the working of a Capacitance sensor with a diagram (10 points) 4. What is a Thermopile? (5 points) PAGE 279...
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