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This lists important topics to study for the midterm. It is not necessarily a complete list of topics and is meant as a study guide only. The first Law of thermodynamics Extensive and Intensive Properties State functions Euler’s test for State functions Exact and inexact differentials Ideal Gasses Van der Waals equation of state Reversible and Irreversible transformations Types of coupling between the system and environment (adiabatic, isothermal, etc…) Isobaric Expansions Isochoric processes
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Unformatted text preview: Free expansion Isothermal expansion Signs of q and w for different processes Enthalpy Specific heat and heat capacity Kinetic theory of gasses (what was covered in lecture) Degrees of freedom Energy of an Ideal Gas Carnot Cycle Efficiency of an engine Why a carnot cycle is the most efficient engine 2 nd Law of thermodynamics Kelvin and Clausius’ statements Why are they equivalent? Understand what the 2 nd law allows and disallows for processes....
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