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Comm._40_Parliamentary_Eval. - Effective non-verbals No...

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PARLIAMENTARY DEBATE EVALUATION FORM Proposition of Public Policy Worth 100 points Content E G NI P Proposition clearly stated Stock issues clearly addressed Points supported by 4 types of evidence Sound reasoning used Effective refutation of opposing points At least 2 POI’s asked POI’s well refuted Delivery E G NI P Extemporaneous Vocal variety Kept cool under stress Loud enough to be heard
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Unformatted text preview: Effective non-verbals No name calling Signposting Briefs E G NI P Complete outline Proposition clearly stated at top of outline Two POI’s listed at top of outline Correct use of symbols All evidence cited throughout outline Reference page with 4 sources Readable complete flow chart Content: 65 Delivery/Refutations: 20 Brief/Flow: 20...
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