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San Jose State University Fall 2008 Metropolitan University Scholar’s Experience (MUSE) Seminar MW at 1:30 to 2:45 ________________________________________________________________________ THE ART OF DECISION MAKING: MUSE/BUS2 11D Section 1 _______________________________________________________________________________________ Instructor : Dr. John C. Yi Dept. of Marketing & Decision Sciences Office: BT553 Phone: (408) 924-3528 Email: Office Hours: MW 3:30-4:45 Course Description Successful individuals are the ones making the right decisions at the right time under various circumstances. In today’s information-rich and fast-paced environment, decisions involve more complexity, uncertainty, and risk than ever. This course covers variety topics of decision making process to ultimately make you into a better decision maker. These topics include: examination of the decision maker in you; history of successful decisions made; influences of culture, time era, and environment have on the process, adaptable and robust decision making processes; and understanding uncertainty and bias in decision making. Introduction to MUSE University-level study is different from what you experienced in high school. The Metropolitan University Scholar’s Experience (MUSE) is designed to help make your transition into college a success by helping you develop the skills and attitude needed for the intellectual engagement and challenge of in-depth university-level study. Discovery, research, critical thinking, written work, attention to the rich cultural diversity of the campus, and active discussion will be key parts of this MUSE course. Enrollment in MUSE courses is limited to a small number of students because these courses are intended to be highly interactive and allow you to easily interact with your professor and fellow students. MUSE courses explore topics and issues from an interdisciplinary focus to show how interesting and important ideas can be viewed from different perspectives. Peer Mentors Natalie Quilici graciously accepted the position as your Peer Mentor. She will work with you to enrich your 1 st year experience. Natalie Quilici can be reached at the Peer Mentor Center in Clark Hall. General Course Goals
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MUSE_greensheet - San Jose State University Metropolitan...

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