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San José State University Metropolitan University Scholar’s Experience (MUSE) Seminar MUSE/Psychology 96PQ, Becoming a Jedi: Skills for Success at SJSU FALL 2009 Instructor: David A. Emmert, Psy.D. Office Location: Counseling Services, Administration Building, Room 201 Telephone: (408)-924-5783 Email: Office Hours: Please schedule office hour appointments by email, phone, or after class. Class Days/Time: 10:30-11:45 MW Classroom: Clark 125 GE Area: Area E (Human Understanding and Development) Course Description This class is focused on helping you develop the skills needed to be academically and personally successful here at SJSU. Many lessons and metaphors can me drawn from the Star Wars saga, and this will be a fun way to integrate valuable college and life success skills. We will discuss clips of this saga, and how these lessons parallel real life. Topics include: stress management, nutrition and exercise, meditation, alcohol awareness, campus resources, time management, effective communication skills, and how research and practice from the field of psychology can help you achieve wellness and balance for your mind and body. Introduction to MUSE University-level study is different from what you experienced in high school. The Metropolitan University Scholar’s Experience (MUSE) is designed to help make your transition into college a success by helping you develop the skills and attitude needed for the intellectual engagement and challenge of in-depth university-level study. Discovery, research, critical thinking, written work, attention to the rich cultural diversity of the campus, and active discussion will be key parts of this MUSE course. Enrollment in MUSE courses is limited to a small number of students because these courses are intended to be highly interactive and allow you to easily interact with your professor and fellow students. MUSE courses explore topics and issues from an interdisciplinary focus to show how interesting and important ideas can be viewed from different perspectives. Course Goals and Student Learning Objectives This course qualifies as an Area E (Human Understanding and Development) course in your General Education requirements. Students will understand themselves as integrated
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physiological, social, and psychological entities who are able to formulate strategies for lifelong personal development. Courses shall address challenges confronting students who are entering the complex social system of the university, so that students can employ available university resources to support academic and personal development. Learning Objectives and Activities for this Course As an Area E (Human Understanding and Development) course, the content and activities are designed to enable you to achieve the following learning outcomes: 1. Students will be able to recognize the physiological, social/cultural, and psychological influences on personal well-being. [GE] a.
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MUSE Greensheet 8-27-09 - San Jos State University...

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