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San Jose State University Department of Anthropology ANTH 187 Dr. Reckmeyer Global Citizenship Dr. Jaehne Reflective Synthesis This has been an experimental course, focusing on helping people learn about global citizenship by becoming global citizens themselves. As we underscored at the beginning of the semester, and portrayed specifically in the systemic teaching-learning grid, we have been particularly interested in promoting learning in four related dimensions: Meta Learning (Self Learning) Meta Learning (Shared Learning) Self Learning (Course Topics) Shared Learning (Course Topics) We also made a distinction early in the semester that we were interested in promoting three major orders of learning, as portayed in the following graphic: For your final synthesis, therefore, we would like you to prepare a brief reflective paper (6-
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Unformatted text preview: 8 double-spaced pages, using the attached template) that summarizes the major lessons you learned during our experience this semester. We would like to focus on clarifying [1] the 1 st-Order Knowledge that you gained; [2] the 2 nd-Order Paradigm Changes that may have occurred; and [3] which 3 rd-Order Behavioral Changes have occurred or might occur in your own behavior over the next 3-5 years. Please reflect carefully on all aspects of the course – including the projects, the presentations, the readings, the discussions, the videos, the guest talks on campus – and let us know what made a difference for you. Please email copies to everyone in class by midnight on Sunday, 5/17/09, so we can read in advance of our final session and have an opportunity to learn from each other....
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ANTH_187_Reflective_Synthesis_Instructions_2009_05_04 - 8...

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