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The_Seven_States_of_California_Preface by Philip L. Fradkin, © 1995, University of California Press, 474 pp. Key points: Distinctive landscapes and cultural adaptations. Landscape sets limits to development (xvi) (Comment: This perspective hints at environmental determinism.) Ref. Mary Austin, in The Land with Little Rain: “Not the law, but the land sets the limits” Ref. Tony Hiss from The Experience of Place: “We all react, consciously or unconsciously, to the places where we live and work” (Comment: Psychology: behaviorism (stimulus response) vs. cognitive psych: stimulus cognition response s , which supports a more possibilist approach.) Josiah Royce: (needs citation source) “(W)e have evidence of certain ways in which the condition of such a region must influence the life and, I suppose in the end, the character of the whole community.” (Comment: This statement lends more support to a ‘possiblist’ approach.) Geographic determinism (xvii) introduced, also referenced as environmentalism and human geography (this
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