ANTH146 Q#6 - SLIDE BULLETS Foreign Government Reactions...

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SLIDE BULLETS Foreign Government Reactions US-trained personal and US equipment are used in carrying out attacks on indigenous communities. Since 1997, the US has provided $1.12 billion dollars in military assistance to Mexico. In 1998, Mexico sent more military personal to the US for training than any country in the Western Hemisphere; in 1999, Mexico was second only to Colombia. Mexican Government received American weapons and military equipment provided under U.S.-Mexican drug enforcement programs, but included critical assistance from the armed forces of Britain, Chile, Argentina and Guatemala, among other countries. May 11, 1994, soldiers from the British Army provided Mexico's First Military Police Brigade with training on their base at Military Camp One in Mexico City. Dec. 1, 2000 Vincent Fox (President of Mexico at the time) opened peace talks with the Zapatista's and Clinton supported Fox at the time. Foreign Individual Reactions There are many organizations trying to help Chiapas. The Chiapas Project in U.S. and other Countries Recycles old cell phones and ink jet cartridges and uses money to help Chiapas by giving them health and dental care. The Grameen Foundation
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ANTH146 Q#6 - SLIDE BULLETS Foreign Government Reactions...

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