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ME120 Term Project Guidelines (Spring 2009) Overview This semester you get to work on a measurement challenge of your own design using what you have learned in the class. The goal of the project is to carry out an engineering experiment from conception, through definition, choice of instrumentation, data collection, data analysis, and documentation. Suggestions for Topic Selection You have freedom to choose what you would like to work on. Keep in mind that you will have approximately three laboratory periods in which to carry out the experiment, so you will want to keep it relatively simple. If nothing comes to mind, you can choose an experiment from the list below. In either case, you must get prior approval from your instructor before you start on the project. Experiments 1. Measure g, the acceleration due to gravity. 2. Investigate the electrical and mechanical “bounce” behavior of mechanical switches. 3. Build and calibrate an LVDT using an Analog Devices single-chip solution (see
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Unformatted text preview: for a simple LVDT design). 4. Measure the viscosity as a function of temperature of olive oil, water, and shampoo and whether these liquids are Newtonian or not. 5. Measure the strain in the cantilever beam used in the beam experiment. 6. Measure the discharge rate and life of a AA battery. 7. Measure the floor-to-ceiling temperature gradient in E133 over a 24 hr. period. 8. Calibrate the load sensor from Assignment 3 or one loaned by your instructor, and compare to the information given on the datasheet. 9. Measure the sound pressure level of several disk drives and analyze the frequency content of their operating noise. 10. Measure the thermal time constant of several sizes of thermocouples. 11. Design an experiment for ME 120 12. Explore the use of some data acquisition hardware. ALL PROJECTS MUST HAVE A LabVIEW PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATED WITH THE PROJECT...
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