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100W Advice Paper - COMM 100W Writing Workshop The Advice...

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COMM 100W: Writing Workshop The Advice Paper This assignment is worth 100 points. For this assignment, you will identify an actual interpersonal or intercultural problem. Your paper will provide advice on how best to address the problem and why. Your objective is to help your reader to see the situation the way you want them to by appealing to a social value with which they might identify. You paper should be 1000 words in length not including endnotes. Instructions Begin this assignment by brainstorming actual interpersonal problems of which you are aware. These could either be ones you have been party to or ones you have read about between governments or other prominent figures. Whatever the problem, it should be socially significant. Disputes over crumbs in the butter dish might be too insignificant for this paper. But a custody battle might not be. Once you have picked a problem as your topic, decide how you want to present the problem and the sorts of details you feel are important to include. This might require some
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