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DRAFT San José State University Social Science/African-American Studies AfAm125, The Black Family, Spring 2008 Instructor: Mark “Akubundu” Lott Office location: WQH Room 216 Telephone: xx Email: [email protected] Office hours: M 6-7:30 and by appointment Class days/time: Wednesdays 4:00 –6:45 p.m. Classroom: SH 444 Course Description This course explores the historical and contemporary experiences that make Black Families diverse and yet connected in their similar struggle for survival. The influences of the African experience, as well as key contemporary issues related to race, economics, crime, media images, drug abuse, violence, and death will be discussed. It invites students to reflect on their family and compare its structure and functioning to those of other families in other cultures or ethnic groups. Course Goals Students will: 1) become familiar with the various schools of thought and intellectual debates that have emerged regarding Black Families , 2) develop their research, writing, and analytical skills, and 3) prepare students for graduate study of this topic and/or work with Black families through public service or community activism. Student Learning Objectives Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to: LO1 - Identify the cultural values that Black Families exhibit and their significance in finding solutions to current destructive patterns. LO2 – Recognize the impact of the social stressors on Black Families in general and their family and significant relationships in particular, and be able to facilitate change where necessary to improve the stability of those relationships. LO3 – Knowledge of how to dialogue and debate in a collective group environment when dealing with potentially emotional subject matter. AfAm 125, Spring 2008 page 1 of 6
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DRAFT Required Texts Textbook Harriette Pipes McAdoo, editor, (2007) Black Families, Fourth Edition, SAGE Publications, Thousand Oaks, CA. ISBN 1-4129-3638-1 (available in the Spartan Bookstore) Classroom Protocol Students are expected to be on time to class and participate in the discussion and class assignments. Respect for classmates is very important at all times. Active listening should be practiced at all times, especially in the small group discussions. Write down your ideas and comments and wait your turn to talk. Personal information discussed in the class is not to be shared outside of the class with non-class members.
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