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JS 112 Exam 1 study guide 030110

JS 112 Exam 1 study guide 030110 - JS 112 Exam 1 Study...

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JS 112- Exam 1 Study Guide- 03-01-10 I. Announcements- Collection of Assignments a. Exam 1 Next time- 030110 b. Collect remaining Summaries for student led reviews c. Write 3 short essay questions and answers that I may use on the exam. II. Exam 1 Study Guide d. Review All powerpoint notes e. Re-read Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 7 Saferstein f. Take notes on the notes and the chapter readings g. Review quizzes (all quizzes to be returned today) h. Review all assigned readings: i. Crime Scene Investigation- NCJRS document: http://www.ncjrs.org/pdffiles1/nij/200160.pdf- all sections i. Today’s Crime Scene Hands-on activities i. Measurements II. Exam 1 Format a. 60-70% Short Answer = Multiple choice, fill in, matching, true/false with explanations: Factual b. 10-20% Short Essay= 1-2 paragraph or diagrammatic critical thinking questions with application of your knowledge c. 10-20% Essay= ½ page answers with critical thinking questions III. Exam 1 Sample Short Answer and Short Essay Questions d. Edmond Locard was a famous forensic scientist. What is Locard’s Exchange Principle?
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