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Unformatted text preview: ChAD 106 Discussion #10 Contemporary Views of Childhood Disrespecting Childhood (Dudley-Marling, Jackson, & Stevens, 2006) Directions: Discuss the following topics with your group. Choose one member to record a summary of your group's responses and turn in by the end of class. 1. American views of children a) What examples are given to support the idea that Americans are "child-loving people" (p.748)? b) What examples are given to "challenge the image of America as a child-loving society" (p.749)? c) Which of these ideas do you support? d) Do you agree with the idea presented in the article that states Americans care about their own children, but not other people's children (p. 749)? voices 2. Including student voices a) What is the difference between the 2 suggested approaches to reforming schools- the policy-oriented approach vs. the student-centered approach (p. 753)? b) Think about the countries we have studied this semester. Name at least one country that follows each of these approaches. c) What do you think about the idea of including the student voice, or student's ideas, in the reform process? ...
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