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San Jose State University Social Work 204: Social Policy Analysis Instructor: Amy D’Andrade Spring 2010 GUIDELINES: Policy Experience Assignment (Assignment #2) In this assignment, you will participate in the policy process by attending a policy meeting, or interviewing or meeting with a policy maker. The purpose of the assignment is to facilitate your participation in the policymaking process, and provide an opportunity to consider, observe, and apply the concepts covered in class. The options for completing the assignment are as follows: 1. Interview a city, county, state, or national legislator from the district in which the students reside. (Students may interview the legislator in groups of 2-4 but are not required to do so.) Students should identify an issue relevant to the legislator about which they have an opinion. In the interview, students should present their own perspectives on the issue to the legislator, and provide evidence in support for their position. OR 2. Attend the NASW Social Action Workshop and Lobby Days scheduled for April 11-12
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