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1 H173 Cumulative Review for Finals Discussion Questions and Key Terms, May 10, 2010 Part I. Secondary Sources for Finals Secondary Source Why does the author write? What is the book about? What time period and region does it cover? What is the main argument? Who is involved? What is the evidence used? What do we learn? What is the relevance? Answer discussion questions 1. White Man’s Burden , Chapters 1-7 o What does Jordan mean when he writes that the Negro was “born branded”? (p. 61) o According to Jordan, what was the purpose of the slave codes? o Why did planters feel anxious about free blacks? o How did colonists “enhance the fluidity of the American social structure above the racial line?” (p. 68) o Why did the mainland colonists (unlike the Caribbean settlers) resist miscegenation? (p. 71) o For Jordan, what does black castration reveal? (p. 81) o What sapped the energy of Protestant equalitarianism? (p. 95) o According to Jordan, how did Great Awakening affect the Negroes? o What kinds of scientific classifications emerged in the early eighteenth century? What did interfertility demonstrate? How did these kinds of thoughts reorient the place of the Negro? o Why did the Negroes end up at the bottom of the classificatory system and not the Natives? o Who was Phyllis Wheatley and what does she represent? o How did the tide of events during the Revolution work in the Negro’s favor? 2. Ira Berlin essay from Kupperman book, Chapter 10 o What are the three slave systems that evolved in mainland America? o What kinds of factors determined the experience of Northern slaves, Carolina’s slaves, and Chesapeake slaves? Did the experiences converge or diverge by the late eighteenth century? 3. Frank Lambert essay from Kupperman book, Chapter 11 o What is the relationship between an expanding commercial empire and the Great Awakening? o How did George Whitefield promote himself? Describe at least three mechanisms.
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2 o What kind of relationship can you imagine between traveling merchants and itinerants? (p. 361) 4. Timothy Hall essay from Kupperman book, Chapter 11 o Who are the itinerants and what do they represent? o How do they explain their own importance? o How and why does Whitefield change his message from 1739 to 1744? 5. Into the American Woods , Chapters 1-7 o Why does James Merrell write the book? o
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H173_Finals_Review - H173 Cumulative Review for Finals...

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