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Philosophy 186 Prof. Rita Manning Professional and Business Ethics FO, Phil. Dept. Office, MW 11-1, and by appt. Spring 2005 924-4470, [email protected] www.sjsu.edu/depts/philosophy Syllabus Course Description : Interdisciplinary study of types of ethical problems which arise within the contexts and as a result of business and the professions. Major ethical theories, critique of economic justice, and decision-making techniques. Focus is on issues of justice and equality in the U.S. Case studies. Required Texts : Shaw, Moral Issues in Business (MI), Manning and Stroud, Living and Leading with Integrity (L) Introduction: ethics and its social contexts Week 1, 1/26, Topic: Introduction to Moral Reasoning First Journal Assignment: Describe a moral situation that you faced in your own life. What did you do, and how did you decide what to do? (Due 1/31) Week 2, 1/31 Topic: Moral Reasoning, Religion and Morality, Culture and Morality Reading: Shaw, 2-27; Solomon, 35-44 (MI), Ch 1-2 (L) 2/2 Film: For Export Only Second Journal Assignment (written in class). Give your best argument for the position on this issue that you are assigned in class. Western Moral Concepts Week 3, 2/7 Topic: Utilitarianism Reading: Shaw, 60-65, 75-81, Case 2.1 Baby M, Case 2.2 Ford Pinto (MI), 36-47 (L) 2/9 Case Discussion: Insider Trading 401-408 (MI) Third Journal Assignment: Analyze this article using the Utilitarian perspective. Week 4, 2/14 Topic: Rights and Respect for Persons
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186_syl - Philosophy 186 Professional and Business Ethics...

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