Baudrillard - Baudrillard"Simulations 1983 Jean Baudrillard...

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Baudrillard "Simulations" 1983 Jean Baudrillard, notorious French sociologist, cultural critic, and theorist of postmodernity, was born in 1929 in the northern town of Reims.ÝSon of civil servants and grandson of peasant farmers, Baudrillard was the first in his family to attend university, is an ex- university sociology teacher, and a leading intellectual figure of his time. His early life is influenced by the Algerian war in the 1950s and 60s. He taught German in a Lycée before completing his doctoral thesis in sociology under the tuition of Henri Lefebvre. He then became an Assistant in September 1966 at Nanterre University of Paris X. He was associated with Roland Barthes, to whose semiotic analysis of culture his first book, The Object System (1968) is clearly indebted. He was also influenced by Marshall McLuhan who demonstrated the importance of the mass media in any sociological overview. Influenced by the student revolt at Nanterre University in 1968, he cooperated with a typical journal of the time, Utopie , evidently influenced by anarcho-situationism, structural Marxism and media theory, in whichÝ he published a number of theoretical articles on the ambience of capitalist affluence, and the critique of technology. He became Mâitre-assistant at the University in 1970, and left the school in 1987. 1) finest allegory of simulation: Borges story of the map so detailed that it covered the entire territory and then later decayed: second-order simulacra a) simulation is not longer that of a territory 2) simulation is no longer of a referential being or a substance a) it is generation by models of a real without origin: a hyperreal
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Baudrillard - Baudrillard"Simulations 1983 Jean Baudrillard...

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