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DIVERSE POPULATIONS AND HEALTH CARE Nurs 204, 3 Units THE INDIVIDUAL PAPER 75 POINTS Vulnerable, Culturally Distinct, Population Assessment . NAME: DUE: Submit your paper to the WebCT Assignment area and include this grading sheet. And, post your paper to the Discussion area of WebCT OBJECTIVES POINTS 1. Describe a population at risk, including demographic information ______5 and geographic distribution. 2. Describe the cultural attributes, practices, attitudes, values, and beliefs of this ______5 population. Discuss how these could come into conflict with U. S. Health System. 3. Describe other characteristics affecting health that are associated with this ______5 group including individual, family, community, political, economic, and religious factors that contribute to making this population vulnerable. 4. Describe 2 or more important health problems associated with this group. ______5 Include morbidity incidence and prevalence, and mortality data. Describe the group’s Views and management of pain, and end of life experiences. Describe the actual advanced
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Nurs_204_ind._paperS06 - DIVERSE POPULATIONS AND HEALTH...

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