Chem 1A Greensheet 2010

Chem 1A Greensheet 2010 - 1 GENERAL CHEMISTRY I Chem. 1A -...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 GENERAL CHEMISTRY I Chem. 1A - 22 San Jos State University Spring 2010 Days and Times Taught- MWF 1:30 2:20 PM please note that due to San Jos State budget cuts and furlough adjustments, your chemistry course may have to operate on a modified schedule at times throughout the semester. At that time, you will need to follow protocol as announced and pay attention to your course responsibilities. Lecture Location: WSH 207 Instructor: Dr. Resa Kelly Office: DH 418 Phone: (408) 924-4940 E-mail: Office Days and Hours : Tues, Wed, Thurs 2:30 to 3:30 PM or by appointment. Please note that due to San Jos State budget cuts and furlough adjustments, office hours may not be held on certain days. Every effort will be made to inform you of these dates prior to their occurrence. OBJECT AND SCOPE OF THE COURSE The object of the course is to gain knowledge and understanding of the basic principles of chemistry, and of their applications. Topics covered include stoichiometry, reactions, atomic structure, periodicity, bonding, states of matter, energy changes and solutions. Lab and seminar complement lecture; however, please note that sometimes lab will be used as an introduction to the concepts covered in lecture and other times the labs will reinforce what is covered in the lecture. In the case of an introduction, you may need to do preparatory reading for the lab. The chapters in the textbook that coincide with the labs are marked on this greensheet (Homework Section p.8-11). LEARNING OBJECTIVES The learning objectives that are specific to the chemistry topics mentioned above will be addressed at the beginning of each class. In addition to gaining an understanding of the basic concepts associated with general chemistry, it is hoped that you are able to understand the connections between the macroscopic level (what you see in labs or demos), the atomic/molecular level (what the atoms and molecules are doing), and the symbolic level of equations and problems. PREREQUISITES/COREQUISITES The prerequisites for Chem. 1A are completion of a one year high school chemistry course. You need to recall your high school chemistry. You are expected to have completed high school algebra including logarithms and exponents. You must have completed any remedial English or Math courses required by the university prior to taking this class . You must be Math 19 and Engl. 1A eligible . You should not enroll in Chem. 1A if you have not had high school chemistry or if you feel you had a weak high school chemistry experience. You should take Chem. 10 or 30A as preparation for Chem. 1A if you lack the prerequisites. Every student who wishes to remain in the course or who wishes to add the course must be present in lab and seminar for the safety discussion and must take and pass a safety quiz. If you are waiting to get into the class please make certain you attend the safety discussion and take the safety quiz. You must pass the safety quiz with a score of 8 or...
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Chem 1A Greensheet 2010 - 1 GENERAL CHEMISTRY I Chem. 1A -...

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