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AAS_125nation - 6 What is ethnicity Your lineage ancestry...

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AAS 125 1/29/2007 1. Where did my parents come from? Locate on map 2. Nation of the Philippines? When did it become a nation? Names 3. 4. What is a nationality? Nations whose laws you follow, citizenship, political label, where one is born. 5. What is culture? Lifestyle, interests, values, practice of a particular people, dress, language, food Fixed or changes through time.
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Unformatted text preview: 6. What is ethnicity? Your lineage, ancestry, roots, heritage 7. What is race and racial identity Groupings of people based on physical characteristics – skin color, hair texture, facial features and build. Identification with certain grouping of people. Fixed or changes through time. Racial project 8. Southeast Asian roots, culture...
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