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Taxi to the Dark Side Paper

Taxi to the Dark Side Paper - Krjukovs 1 Alison McKee RTVF...

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Krjukovs 1 Alison McKee RTVF 188 SEC 2 December 3, 2008 Taxi to the Dark Side The major aim of Taxi to the Dark Side is to investigate the United States methods of interrogating terrorist suspects in its multiple detention facilities\ (IMDb). The film uses the torture and killing of Daliwar, an innocent Afghan taxi driver, while in custody of US forces in Afghanistan reveals the ruthless reality of the Bush administration’s systematic abuse of power (Axel Music). The rare and unseen footage from inside Bagram Air Force Base in Afghanistan; Guantanamo Bay, Cuba shown in this Academy Award-winner documentary is as well as unnerving. (Axel Music). This documentary also explores the different methods of torture used by United States such as sleep deprivation, “water boarding” , stress positions and other terror tactics employed in-order to obtain information thought to be vital to national security from the detainees. The fact United States disregarded the international laws such as the Geneva Convention and humanitarian concerns to interrogate prisoners of war caused spectators worldwide to speak negatively of United States government and the Bush administration in particular, which seems to not mind sacrificing civil rights for security (IMDb). Jigsaw Production Inc produced Taxi to the Dark Side . in association with X-Ray Productions, Wider Film Projects, and Tall Woods (Jigsaw). Additionally, Revolver Entertainment assisted in distributing this documentary in the Great Britain (IMDb). The documentary had an estimated budget of one million dollars and was both written and directed by Alex Gibney in order to expose the Bush Administration’s wrongful action. (Macaulay) Although this documentary originated in United States, it was filmed on location in Yakubi,
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