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\ Hist/PolSci 15A Section 2 Dorabji Equality in the Constitution Since the founding of the America, most issues related to equality in one way or another. Many people took actions to establish egalitarianism, which is also refers to equality. Within egalitarianism, people believe that human beings are all equal to each other. The establishment of the equality belief in this country is more extraordinary than ever, since it is hard for many to comprehend how the people lived their life. In present society, issues over equality rarely occur among people, since our citizens are born into this diverse group. Equality among has become first nature to many. Egalitarianism takes many forms. I will begin to discuss the presence and absence of equality socially, politically, and economically. I have analyzed the Constitution, and included many amendments to demonstrate equality. The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution created the framework for equality. I feel t he primary focus of the first amendment is in respect social equality. The First Amendment gives the right of freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly, and freedom of petition. The main purpose of the framers was for total equality with this amendment. The right to freedom of speech gave a new found level among people, because they had found more confidence in themselves. There was no fear of speaking. People began understanding equality within this right, and respect each other as equals. It is unfair and discriminatory to not allow somebody to speak their mind, especially if one looks down on another person. In the past, different groups were set apart based on their race, sex, and age. People are not necessarily born better than others,
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so it important to see everyone as equals and allow them the freedom of speech. The right
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dorabji paper - Hist/PolSci 15A Section 2 Dorabji Equality...

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