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English22 Farmer Giles of Ham

English22 Farmer Giles of Ham - Tolkien's"Farmer Giles of...

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Tolkien’s “Farmer Giles of Ham” Study Questions If you go on to read “Farmer Giles of Ham”—a fun story with a dragon, but very different in tone from “The Smith of Wooten Major”—you can answer the questions below and turn them in for extra credit. Due in class on Thursday, 11 Sept. 1. Farmer Giles has a very different tone, but some of the characters are similar to others in the Tolkien canon. For instance, how does the King resemble Nokes? Does Farmer Giles remind you of any other Tolkien characters? How about the dragon? Nokes hastily stated that people grow out of little kids’ imaginations and take things as is. This relates to real life, because some people in rather spend time in reality; making money, raising a family, and “no time for nonsense.” Similar to the King, who only cares about his state of being, reputation, and his financial “needs.” Farmer Giles reminds me of Starbrow, because they were both fortunate enough to obtain some sort of magical power.
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