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5-12-09 Thought Question

5-12-09 Thought Question - get any enjoyment o Avoiders May...

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- Thought Question - What types of issues do modern families face? - Issues Facing Families o Money o Time - Money o Money Personalities o Hoarders Like to save Prioritize financial goals (emphasis on security vs. liquidity) Sample helper Try to shop impulsively once a week for your pleasure. o Spenders Enjoy spending Have difficulty prioritizing (not future oriented). Sample Helper Try to put some money away one a week o Monk (don’t like to make money) Money corrupts Avoid investing or do so in socially responsible outlets. Sample Helper Spend Money on yourself in a way that you have considered selfish. Did you
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Unformatted text preview: get any enjoyment? o Avoiders May not know about own money situation Avoid investing (too much trouble or too overwhelming) Sample Helper • Once a week address one aspect that is usually avoided, such as checkbook balancing. o Amasser Money = self worth/power High rates of return (to make as much as possible) Sample Helper • Try to spend one day not dealing with money at all. o Time Planning Fallacy • Individuals tend to underestimate their task completion times •...
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