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N127A Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing Theory Study Guide Spring 10 Ch 1: Introduction Continuum of mental health; Decade of brain; functionality vs. illness; Multifactor related to mental illness Ch2: Neuroscience Basic unit of structure in the nervous system; Function and roles of neurotransmitter, limbic system, Ch 3: Theories Psychoanalysis; Defense Mechanisms; Various theories is behavioral theory, family adaptation theory. Ch 4. Evidence based practice (EBP) What is the definition of EBP. What is the nurse’s attitude toward pseudoscientific practice Ch 5: Legal and ethical aspects What is nurse practice act? Malpractice? Patient’s right? Who needs conservator? What is everyday ethics. Ch 6: Culture What the major impact of culture in mental health field? How to promote cultural competency ? Ch 7: Spirituality in psychiatric care Definition and meaning of spirituality Ch 8: Nursing values, attitudes, and self-awareness Why self-awareness is important? How does stigmatization with mental illness affect the public and staff’s attitude? Ch 9: Nursing process Sequence of nursing process; Characteristics of various steps of nursing process; Ch 10 : Intervention and assessment process Meaning of process recording, purposes of conducting a process recording? Confidentiality; trust; Respect; non-judgmental; Stages of interpersonal relationship; therapeutic and non therapeutic communication techniques ie paraphrasing, voicing doubt, probing,
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Ch 12, Working with the multidisciplinary team What the major role of nurse in the multidisciplinary team, what is the main goal of
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study guide -overall - N127A Psychiatric Mental Health...

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