Essay_Standards_3 - Organization Thesis is clearly stated...

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Organization Development Language A Grade: Excellent control Thesis is clearly stated and answers the question appropriately. Body paragraphs support the thesis. and the paragraphs carry out the writer's intended idea, The body paragraphs work together to build a logical argument. Transitions and other coherence devices link paragraphs and ideas within paragraphs. The introduction engages the reader's interest and gives necessary back- ground information to the reader. The conclusion goes beyond simple summary and allows the writer to effectively conclude the paper. Each body paragraph is focused on one topic. Body paragraphs carry out the thesis through logical, thoughtful analysis which answers the essay question. The writer supports general statements with concrete evidence. Ideas in each paragraph flow coherently, The introduction and conclusion are adequately developed. The writer uses fluent language. The writer chooses words effectively. The writer shows good control of verb tense, verb form, passive voice, word form, and sentence structure. Less serious errors may occur but are not disruptive. The writer effectively varies sentences,
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Essay_Standards_3 - Organization Thesis is clearly stated...

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