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Dear New/Incoming English 1A Students, This English class is not a hard class. It’s definitely not impossible or anywhere near it. I mean the class if full of easy assignments and very little reading. There are about 6 essays total in 4 months, a couple reading assignments out of the book that are very short and pretty easy to understand, and in class group assignments that are boring but easy. There just a few simple rules that you have to remember you follow in order for you to easily pass the class. First of all and probably most importantly of all is that you absolutely have to do all of the essays. If you don’t do them all you don’t pass the class. It is as simple as that. The essays are pretty easy. Just do them, even if you don’t put your full effort into it, just complete them, all parts of them and you’ll be set. There are a couple in class essays and
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Unformatted text preview: a couple homework essays. They’re not hard just a bit tedious. Remember there’s no way to fail the class, worst case scenario is a non complete meaning you didn’t finish everything you were supposed (like the essays) and you have to take the class over again next semester. You may want to know that if you don’t complete this class in the first year you get kicked out of state until you complete the class in a community college. Second, remember the date, time, and place of the final. Show up to it, do it as best you can, and walk out knowing you probably passed the class because of it. There are people that show up forty five minutes late, some people’s cars don’t start, their alarm doesn’t go off, or whatever it may be just don’t let it happen to you. I would tell you to have fun in the class but it’s anything but fun so good luck instead....
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