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1. What accounts for the dissimilarity of sperm cells? A. Mitosis B. Recombination C. Cloning D. Asexual reproduction 2. Which process yields 2 diploid cells? A. Mitosis B. Meiosis C. Germ cell division D. Sexual reproduction 3. What is cytokinesis? A. Cytoplasmic division B. Nuclear division C. Another name for telophase D. DNA replication 4. Chromosomes line up along the equatorial plane during which stage? A. Telophase B. Prophase C. Metaphase D. Anaphase 5. Which process yields an exact copy of the mother cell? A. Mitosis B. Meiosis C. Sexual reproduction
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Unformatted text preview: D. Interphase 6. All somatic cells are: A. Diploid cells B. Haploid cells C. Germ cells D. Skin cells 7. What type of cell is found in the liver? A. Somatic cell B. Germ cell C. Haploid cell D. Triploid cell 8. What are the names of the proteins involved with chromosomes? A. Histones B. RNA C. DNA D. Genes 9. What type of bond holds RNA base pairs together? A. Ionic B. Covalent C. Hydrogen D. Unequal 10. What is the complimentary RNA strand to the DNA strand listed below? ACGTACG A. ACGTACG B. TGCATGC C. UGCAUGC D. CGTACGT...
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