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N127A Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing Theory Study Guide Spring 08 Ch 1: Introduction Continuum of mental health; Decade of brain; functionality vs. illness; Multifactor related to mental illness Ch2: Neuroscience Basic unit of structure in the nervous system; Function and roles of neurotransmitter, limbic system, Ch 3: Theories Psychoanalysis; Defense Mechanisms; Ch 4: Therapeutic Relationships and communication Confidentiality; trust; Respect; non-judgmental; Stages of interpersonal relationship; communication techniques Ch5: Culture What the major impact of culture in mental health field? How to promote cultural competency ? Ch 6: Nursing process Sequence of nursing process; Characteristics of various steps of nursing process; Ch7 : Legal issue What is nurse practice act? Malpractice? Patient’s right? Who needs conservator? What is everyday ethics. Ch 8: Evidence based practice (EBP) What is the definition of EBP. What is the nurse’s attitude toward pseudoscientific practice Ch 9, multidisciplinary What the major role of nurse in the multidisciplinary team Ch 10, individual therapy What is cognitive therapy, behavior therapy, rational-emotive behavior therapy and the basic concepts involved Ch 11, group therapy Basic concepts about group therapy ie. Group norm, cohesiveness, group process, leadership style, curative factors Ch 12 Family therapy
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study_guide__overall - N127A Psychiatric Mental Health...

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