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Dr. Reade BUS187 21 October, 2008 Darwin ’s Nightmare 1) What were going in to the country were huge cargo planes that were empty inside. Occasionally some planes sent from the U.S. carried in food that was to go to nearby U.N. refugee camps. However, some of those planes also carried arms that were being used in the civil wars of other countries. This does not conform to our understanding of comparative advantage and gains of trade because, to start with, the nile perch wasn’t an indigenous fish to the lake. So, it’s not something that the country was known for production therefore it wasn’t something that the country could naturally produce most efficiently. As far as gains of trade, the people of Tanzania did have jobs, but it didn’t seem to help out the region much. Instead there was wide spread famine and poverty. 2) As far as I’m concern the visit from the UN officials did nothing to help with the situation. They only went in to view the fish factories and see how well they were doing
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