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PADM 213 POLICY ANALYSIS AND EVALUATION Instructor: Ron Sylvia Office: Clark 404M Phone: 408-924-5553 E-mail: [email protected] Course Description: PADM 213 Policy Analysis and Evaluation: a course focusing on the prospect and problems of designing, conducting and utilizing program planning and evaluation. The course is concerned with program design, implementation and evaluation of the goals achievement. Included are the basic concepts and tools of research, including issues related to design, measurement and utilization of research findings, and the ethical problems associated with social science research in a real world setting. Instructional Procedures and Course Format The course will be a combination of lectures group exercises and student reports on the outcome of those exercises. The class uses a hands-on case study approach to hone students’ skills in linear thinking, program assessment, critical thinking and organizational sophistication. Each class session will begin with a lecture from the teacher on the subject of the day.I will email you my overhead presentation for each class. This should be a time saver for you, but it should be treated as a professional curteosy rather than a substitute for class attendance. Students will then be divided into groups in which they will apply the concepts contained in the lecture. Student groups will present their findings to the class as a whole, which will be responsible for positive critiques. Group members must divide the presentation responsibilities so that each group member has the opportunity to address the class as a whole. Presenters must utilize the overhead projector. Each group will develop a project calendar. Discussion is encouraged and questions are welcome at any point. Methods for Evaluating Student Performance (Grading) : Grade Have Three Components: Examinations 50% Research Design 40% Participation 10%
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Total 100 Examination: E xams will be take home and essay. The mid-term will contain an essay question on threats to validity in outcome designs, and the relative merits of outcome and process evaluations as they relate to the information needed, resource availability and the audience of the evaluation. At the end of the course, students will be asked to asses the values of systems design and the merits of cost benefit analysis as a decision tool. They will also be asked to apply the course concepts to an evaluation design problem selected
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