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COMM 140P Midterm Study Guide (S10) 1 Hollihan chapter 1 Understand the relationship between argumentation and value. Be able to identify value assumptions in stated opinions. For example, the following is a comment on the recent New York Times editorial titled “The Pope and the Pedophile Scandal”: “If the pope shielded pedophiles from criminal prosecution he should be arrested and put in jail. He is not above the law.” What values are assumed by the commenter? Hollihan chapter 2 Understand what the narrative paradigm is. Be able to distinguish between narrative probability and narrative fidelity. For example, when the media first broke news of Tiger Woods crashing his Escalade in the wee hours after Thanksgiving (before news of all the affairs broke), why did most people find the explanation “fishy”? Hollihan chapter 3 Understand why and how the audience of argumentation matter. For example, when thinking about the increase in tuition at SJSU, regardless of your own opinion, how would you persuade your classmates to join a protest of the increase? Faculty? Administrators? Why?
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