Homework 11 - key - CEE 122 Traffic Engineering Spring 2010...

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CEE 122 Traffic Engineering Spring 2010 Homework #11 Due: __________________ 1. Key: Traffic Control Devices are signs, signals, markings, and other devices used to regulate, warn, or guide traffic, placed on , over, or adjacent to a street, highway, pedestrian facility, or bikeway by authority of a public agency having jurisdiction. 2. Key: Full a need. Command attention. Convey a clear, simple meaning. Command respect from road users. Give adequate time for proper response. 3. Key: Uniform design Uniform meaning Uniform operation or application Uniform placement Uniform maintenance 4. Key: Standard – mandatory requirement or prohibitive practice. Guidance – recommended but not mandatory practice. Option – permissive practice. Support – informational. 5. Key: Black—regulation Blue—road user services guidance, tourist information, and evacuation route Brown—recreational and cultural interest area guidance Coral—unassigned Fluorescent Pink—incident management Fluorescent Yellow-Green—pedestrian warning, bicycle warning, playground warning, school bus and school warning Green—indicated movements permitted, direction guidance Light Blue—unassigned Orange—temporary traffic control Purple—electronic toll collection (ETC); was unassigned in MUTCD 2003 Red—stop or prohibition White—regulation Yellow—warning 6. Key:
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Homework 11 - key - CEE 122 Traffic Engineering Spring 2010...

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