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BUS 1348: QUTZ 4 Nu,,,., \ Class number: \0 TRUE or FALSI,. rleas€ wrrLe r -. F on the blank provided before the numbers. (1 pt each) \ 7.Buzz marketing can be compared to a virus, consisting of three stages: inoculation, introduction, and infection. \ 2. The idea behind altemative marketing is to replace traditional media with newer forms of media that are more successful at reaching consumers. 3. Advertising in online video games offer advertisers the luxury of using Web metrics that are not available with other forms of product placement. \ 4. Although it is virtually impossible for companies to create brand communities, they can facilitate and enhance the communities in which owners interact, T 5. Buzzmarketing works because people trust someone else's opinion more than paid advertising and because people like to share their opinions. F 6. The primary goal of product placements and branded entertainment is to increase
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Unformatted text preview: sales of the brand being featured. \ 7. In Sebastian is the marketing manager of a local restaurant. He has decided to set up a booth at an outdoor concert being held at the city park to pass out free samples of food and to give attendees coupons that can be used at the restaurant. This is an example of lifestyle marketing.-f 8. The store shelf and point-of-purchase display represent the last chance for the manufacturer to reach the consumer before a purchase is made. 9. ) Guerilla marketing programs are designed to obtain instant results while using limited resources. 10, For movie makers and television producers, the primary motivation behind using product placements and branded entertainment is it creates a positive attitude towards the movie or show and increases viewership....
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