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I) A) Apple Computers began its life on April 1, 1976, by the three founders, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Gerald Wayne. The idea behind Apple computers began just one month prior, when Wozniak had designed a computer with inexpensive parts that featured the use of a QWERTY keyboard as an input device and the ability to output display on an ordinary television. Jobs saw the sales potential of such a device and recruited Wayne who wrote the documentation and created the logo to form the partnership. 1 As a company, Apple computers’ success is largely attributed to the men from which it was formed. Apple computer not only offers a highly diversified product lineup but its products also carry an image that created a culture with a cult like following today. B) Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs were both born in Santa Clara County, California where they grew up and attended Homestead High School. Following high school, Wozniak attended UC Berkeley, but eventually dropped out and went to work as a handheld calculator designer for Hewlett Packard. Similarly, Jobs attended Reed College in Oregon and after one semester dropped out of college in 1972 and entered the workforce. Jobs found employment as a technician at Atari which had been founded the same year. 2 To serve as a tie breaker, Jobs recruited Wayne as the third founder. Today, Wayne is known as the forgotten founder because he relinquished his 10% stake for a one time payment of $800 less than two-weeks following founding of Apple computers. His decision was reasonable because had Apple computers failed, the partnership would have left him with unlimited personal liability for any debts incurred by the company. 3 Today however, “10 percent would have equaled more than $1.6 million shares […] and over $501.3 million when it reached its record high in 2000.” 4 Jobs’ intuition proved correct when the first retail computer store name “The Byte Shop” ordered 50 units of Wozniak’s Apple I. 1
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II) First to invent the desktop computer A) Today, it is hard to imagine a computer that can not fit on a tabletop, but in the 1970s, a mainframe computer was the size of a small room and a smaller minicomputer was the size of a refrigerator. Manufactured in Steve Jobs’ bedroom, the Apple I was roughly the size of a boom box so it understandably carried the classification of a microcomputer. Microcomputers were often sold in kits composed of a circuit board with several parts that required complex assembly limiting its exposure to skilled hobbyists. The Apple I however, was designed to be sold as a preassembled unit able to run with only the addition of a power supply, keyboard, and display. With a price tag of $666.66 dollars the Apple I made approximately $8000 dollars in profit and established that a market for a preassembled computer existed.
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Apple 5 pages2 - I Founders Jobs Wozniak A Apple Computers...

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