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10A-S10-Augustus Paper - History 10A-Spring 2010-Prof....

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History 10A—Spring 2010—Prof. Bernhardt Source Essay Assignment The Nature of the Roman Empire Due: Thursday, 25 March or Thursday, 08 April 2010 PRIOR TO SUBMISSION ALL STUDENTS MUST SUBMIT THEIR PAPERS ELECTRONICALLY TO TURNITIN.COM (SEE INSTRUCTONS AT END) In the primary source book Augustus and the Creation of the Roman Empire , written and edited by the distinguished Roman historian Ronald Mellor, you will examine the rise of the Roman Empire in substantial detail. For your research assignment, you must read Mellor’s book, both the introduction and the primary source documents accompanying the introduction . Focus on critical factors that led to the creation of the Roman Empire by Augustus, and on the institutions and characteristics that were unique to the Roman Empire. Using the material in Mellor, discuss and analyze any three of the following questions regarding the nature of the Roman Empire as it emerged under Augustus, being sure to support your response or position with the primary source documents . Obviously your will have to weave the three aspects that you treat into a coherent narrative, not just create three unrelated answers. What was the legal basis of Augustus’s power as emperor ( princeps ), and how did it differ from the basis of political power during the Republic? How did Augustus attempt to use senators, equestrians, freedmen and local officials to administer his vast empire? What social reforms did Augustus institute (on marriage, public morals, traditional Roman values, etc.) and what part did they play in the creation of the Empire? What was the place of
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10A-S10-Augustus Paper - History 10A-Spring 2010-Prof....

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