10 - Psychological Aspects of Aging

10 - Psychological Aspects of Aging - SCWK 130 -...

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1 SCWK – 130 - Psychological Aspects of Aging Psychosocial challenge : Erikson – Ego integrity vs. Despair; Extinction vs. Immortality Integrity means acceptance of all of one’s life and not just parts of it. Involves an incorporation of all of one’s successes, failures, hopes, etc. Seeing one’s life as having meaning, fulfillment, coming to terms with unachieved goals. Despair relates to regret, feeling unfulfilled, devaluing one’s life and seeing it as meaningless. Individuals may be at either extreme or settle somewhere along the continuum. Life Review is a technique that is often used to help older persons with the process of achieving integrity – recollection of past events, reframing thoughts and situations. Immortality – also refers to finding meaning in life, one’s relationship to the larger universe – often expressed through spiritual or philosophical thoughts. Peck – Three primary psychological adjustments need to be made to make older adulthood more satisfying: 1) Ego differentiation vs. work role preoccupation: - shift in value system, need to develop a sense of self worth beyond one’s career. 2) Body transcendence vs. body preoccupation: seeking fulfillment in activities that are creative and relationship oriented – instead of focusing on physical limitations that prevent previous types of social engagement. 3) Ego transcendence vs. ego preoccupation: dealing with one’s mortality – trying to provide for
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10 - Psychological Aspects of Aging - SCWK 130 -...

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